Quality and health safety policy

Every year domestic and foreign consumers are becoming more and more demanding with regard to the quality and safety of the consumed products.

Nutrition, pleasure, safety.

Nowadays, consumers have three main food-related ambitions:

Attention to safety

Following the above rule, in our everyday work we continue to take care of the safety of the vegetables we cultivate and sell. While regularly supplying our recipients, both retail and wholesale recipients, with the products meeting the highest health quality requirements, we hope to make our consumers happy, and to develop our enterprise. Continuous development of our firm, careful selection of seeds, further care of the crops and quality control at each stage of functioning of the plant allow to meet the needs of even the most demanding recipients.

Health safety

The overriding aim of the activities of our firm is to continuously meet the needs, requirements and expectations of clients in terms of the health safety of finished goods, through the correct organization of work and deliveries of products of highest quality. We understand that provision of the health safety of the products offered by us affects the health of our consumers. That is why we eliminate the potential and actual health risks by meeting the requirements of the legal provisions associated with food safety.


The path of our enterprise to the control of the quality of the products entered into the market, led us to create a canon of the rules of Good Hygiene Practice (GHP) and of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), by introducing the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) food safety system compliant with the seven rules of HACCP stated by the World Health Organization (WHO) included in the Codex Alimentarius. In the foreseeable future, in order to ensure the highest quality of our products, we intend to meet the international standards and requirements developed by the British Retail Consortium (BRC), set by more and more recipients such as sales chains from all over Europe.

Moreover, all the farms associated in the Broś & Broś Sp. z o.o. producers group obtained the certificates of the GLOBALGAP international standard that confirm that the activities are conducted on the basis of the rules of Good Manufacturing Practice, thus providing the traceability and control of the finished product, starting from the moment of sowing.

We meet the expectations of our recipients by offering the products of high and repeatable quality, and by ensuring their health safety. We provide them with exactly the qualities that they expect. We act in a reliable and ethical manner. We take care of the natural and social environment. We possess the experience and potential supported with the involvement of our employees.

Efficient functioning and improvements of the Integrated Management System result in the development of our firm, and provides our clients with the proofs of our respectability and reliability.