BROŚ & BROŚ Sp. z o.o.

The BROŚ & BROŚ Sp. z o.o. producers’ group was established in 2011, and it associates five farms with long tradition in cultivating root vegetables, such as: carrot, parsley, celery, beet, as well as the seasonal cultivation of raspberry rhubarb.

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In 2011, when we started our operations, the cultivated area of BROŚ & BROŚ Sp. z o.o. was about 100 ha, while currently it is estimated that our crops cover the total area of almost 200 ha, which constitutes doubling over a short period of time.
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We are at the disposal of modern equipment for cultivating our vegetables, as well as of suitably equipped warehouses.

Following the requirements of modern day fruit and vegetable markets, we purchased a highly-specialized production line for packing fruit and vegetables, thus providing our recipients with the goods with specified parameters, but without the limitations in terms of calibration, weight or packaging.

Invariably, for several generations, we have been placing emphasis on the quality, safety and taste of the vegetables cultivated by us.

The soil in which we cultivate our vegetables is of high quality, fertile and rich in mineral ingredients, which allows us to get healthy products by avoiding artificial fertilizers which are often redundant.

The effects of our operations result from hard work and long-lasting family tradition.